Balance & Revitalise Bundle

"I have been using this pack for three weeks. It has absolutely changed my life"

Victoria M, Verified buyer

Balance & Revitalise Bundle

Combat the sluggish second part of the day with our original best-selling bundle. Contains Balance (Multivitamin) and Thermo Burn.
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  • Our original best-selling supplement bundle
  • Contains Balance (Multivitamin) and Thermo Burn
  • An 'eat when I'm bored' aid that helps you get up and go when you need it most
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Product Highlights

  • Conveniently bundles Balance (Multivitamin) and Thermo Burn.
  • 800+ positive reviews from satisfied customers all over the world!

Balance & Revitalise is our original best-selling bundle that some customers call the ‘daily routine for your daily routine’. This means, once it is added to your morning routine all of the everyday tasks you have to get done become more manageable. And this is without the need for midday naps or the extra amount of caffeine you might be drinking!

It’s also an affordable alternative for those who are on a budget: You'll save up to £10 each time you choose to bundle them together, instead of purchasing them in bulk individually. Try it now, and give yourself the get-up-and-go you’ve been looking for x

Refer to the individual product pages for the full list of ingredients for each vitamin.

Refer to the individual product pages for the full list of benefits for each vitamin.

  • Safe whilst TTC
  • Pregnancy & Breastfeeding Safe
  • Vegetarian & Vegan Friendly

Note: If pregnant or breastfeeding please be mindful of overall caffeine consumption.

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*This product is a dietary supplement.

Can this bundle be taken with birth control?


What is the difference between Metabolism Boost and Thermo Burn

Metabolism Boost is more so aimed at improving metabolic rate whilst Thermo Burn works as a thermogenic fat burner. This is why the two often work well together.

Can I take these with my other multivitamins?

Please reach out to us or your pharmacist to ensure you aren't exceeding any daily limits.

Balance (Multivitamin):Mix one level scoop in any liquid of your choice. Ideally, drink your Balance first thing in the morning.

Thermo Lean:Take 1 capsule per day, ideally in the mornings.

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