Returns Policy

  Damaged Goods

Great care is taken in the shipping process, however on rare occasions damage may occur in transit. If this does happen to you and your item/s arrives damaged, please email us at within five business days of receiving your products so we can look into this for you. 

So that we can provide a speedy solution, please include in your email:

  • Full Name
  • Order Number
  • Any Relevant Photos

We will organise a replacement order for the damaged products in your order, or you may request a full refund. Your choice will need to be clearly stated in the email you send us regarding your damaged order.

Cancelling An Order / Changing Your Mind

If you need to cancel a recently placed order, you must email the Health & Balance Vitamins team at as soon as possible. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee the request as the order may have already been dispatched by the time the team reads the email as delays can occur over weekends, public holidays and during busy periods.

If your order has already been dispatched and you still wish to cancel, you will need to do the following:

  • Refuse a delivery attempt
  • Decline the parcel at the Post Office

This will create a return to sender, which can take 10-28 business days depending on your location. Alternatively, you can return the parcel at your own expense with new tracking and forward to us to receive a refund.

Refunds will only be applied to the products returned once the parcel has returned in the original packaging it was sent in, unopened and not tampered with. 

Note: Refunds will not apply to shipping charges for orders cancelled or where you as the customer have changed your mind.

Health & Balance Vitamins is not liable for orders lost during transit during the returns process. We will only refund products that are returned to us safely, or where proof has been provided that the parcel had been sent, intended for a return prior to it being lost by the postal service being used for the return.

(A receipt number/shipping number of the parcel being checked in at the post office for return for example, will be accepted). 

Please choose products carefully as due to food and safety regulations, we do not offer returns under any circumstances if:

  • You have simply changed your mind after opening the parcel
  • You misused the products in any way that caused a problem
  • You have received medical advice advising you not to take a particular product after purchasing.
  • You haven’t researched the products or reached out to the Health & Balance Vitamins Support team prior to purchasing.
  • You did not contact your Healthcare Provider or dispensing Pharmacist to check whether our products have any contraindications with any medication, supplements or medical treatment you are currently taking.
  • You do not like the flavour/ingredients, including products where the manufacturer has reformulated the ingredients and/or repackaged the product label

If you’re not confident in the product you are considering purchasing, please reach out to the Health & Balance Vitamins support team via the contact page for advice and they will help you to make sure you’re getting something that is going to suit your needs and budget before you go ahead and make a purchase.

International Customers

It is the responsibility of you, the customer, to research any important and relevant laws of your country when it comes to ordering supplements from Health & Balance Vitamins. Health & Balance Vitamins are not liable to provide refunds if:

  • You have not thoroughly researched what is classed as a supplement or medication in your country and as a result your parcel has been denied entry by customs.
  • You have had to pay any customs, import duties or associated fees in order for your parcel to be granted entry into the country and for you to receive it. 

If you are required by customs to produce a receipt of purchase, this can be found in the email sent to you when the order was placed or alternatively, please reach out to the Health & Balance Vitamins team at for another copy if required.

Important Information

  • We provide supplements shown through science that are intended to be used to support you as part of an overall holistic approach in managing your PCOS. No supplement / supplements alone will provide results, they must be combined with healthy habits.
  • No-one currently employed by Health & Balance Vitamins are healthcare professionals, therefore any information and advice you receive does not and should not replace medical advice provided to you by your healthcare professional or a qualified Pharmacist. We recommend that you always seek appropriate medical advice before making any product purchases. 
  • You are not allowed to resell any Health & Balance Vitamins products to any third party person or business.
  • If you have any chemical and food sensitivities, are on prescribed medications, or have a history of adverse reaction to nutritional supplements, you should check all ingredients and seek advice from your own health care professional before purchasing any product.
  • We do not provide shipping labels for returns